Days EP


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released April 5, 2013

All songs produced and recorded by Jeremy Scott. Mixing and Mastering(digital copy) by Jason Merritt.



all rights reserved


J-MEMORY Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Grandfather
Left you with no porch to swing/ no memory to make up my drinks
laying out on some Charlotte concrete ground where blackened chewing gum is melting under me/ I sold millions of dollars for you/ funny how I'm still wearing these same old fucking shoes/ and now I'm paying out all the tokens I put down to shuffle down the hall and throw up in my room/ I'm alone with these bones/ just you show me out// There's an old man on those steps that you might know/ and you can see his diamond wrist when it glows and blinding all the death that you may be/ ask him who he is and what he means to me/ pardon sir I don't believe we met/ well I know that son and how could I forget?/ well I won't allow it if it means I'm going down so you can sell me out or hold that door for me/ in solitary with a slice of lemon, please/ and all the merry things I cannot leave.
Track Name: Days
She's alive polishing off my love and calories/ and when it dries the canvasing there's a sea beneath/ and all this earth welcomed home delayed taping up your bones/ just in time my foreign eyes see you/ for days/ I'm alive in all terrain where she leads a war brigade and when it dies we lower arms and see nothing here but harm/ on all this earth, welcome home, relay tapes of all your songs/ driving by I just might see you/ the coast, the vines, the border lines/ the coast, the tide, the blackened lines/ for days.
Track Name: By The Hand (feat. L!VE & B Nice)
Come on and let me take you by the hand, you seem just perfect for me/ Don't have have to worry 'bout another man 'cause they're all saying the same things I'm not/ Don't have to worry 'bout another plan 'cause baby living is this real only.
Track Name: Godspeed
Godspeed, you are me, you or me.
Track Name: Up Against (feat. B Nice)
So I'm up against all the common sense, I've gotta rise before the end of our time/ No I won't resent what I haven't spent 'cause it's here, baby all in my mind.
Track Name: Falcon Pyramid
You're setting off alone, the corner in your eyes/ A delegated sigh, the pyramid and I can see the love here the falcon shows/ And the sand is all a prize for the legend morning tide across the greening irony/ How long is this war ending?/ All the people run and hide from the opposition might, then you turn to wind and beg the sun just one time I don't wanna be seen/ And she's listening inside for a love in all that dies, a wait for your return and say you'll be my life now.